Research and development in fluid mechanics and CFD simulations

PLS Fluid Dynamics is an engineering consulting company specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamics. We provide CFD studies and a complete consulting service in all fields of fluid mechanics.

Our expertise and our resources allow us to support you from the edition of the specifications to the manufacturing of a prototype through CFD studies, mechanical design and experimental tests.


Aerodynamics modeling allows us to precisely study the air flow around a body in order to improve its design. Data from our simulations range from computations of the pressure coefficients to the stream of velocity profiles and boundary layers take-off.

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From HVAC cases to VOCs diffusion including fire simulations, the applications to buildings are wide. We help you improve the different ventilation locations, define the heat or air-conditioning powers and ensure the suitability of your fire protection system.

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We are able to simulate the flow of any fluid within an hydraulic system and to characterize the various elements by calculating pressure drops within pipes, valves… Furthermore, we can model the forces applied on structures exposed to water waves (such as off-shore rigs, buoys…), waste in a river…

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Heat transfers

CFD allows to simulate all kind of heat transfers (conduction, convection and radiation). We help you size your equipment (heat exchangers, furnaces…) in order to reach the ideal working point.

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In order to preserve the electronic equipment, our simulations help to ensure an efficient cooling of the components by considering your PCB configurations and the ventilation location.

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PLS Fluid Dynamics provides its expertise to the R&D department of energy companies on many subjects such as solar energy, oil and gas, wind turbines, marine turbines...

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Mechanical design

We can also act directly on the design of the studied mechanical system according to the simulation results. We are able to provide a full consulting service in mechanical design up to the edition of the design drawings of your system.

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3D printing

In order to quickly carry out tests, we can 3D-print mechanical parts, providing a greater responsiveness for the prototype development process. It will be easier for you to visualize the effects of the improvements brought as result of the simulations.

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Our skills allow us to help you on multiple and complex subjects such as reactive flows, multiphase flows (liquid-vapor, phase transitions, two fluids flows…) or chemical separation with semi permeable membranes...

Our approach

The framework is defined by our engineering department together with the customer. Then the complete study is carried out: the geometric model design, meshing, definition of simulation settings, computation, post-processing and analysis of results, report writing. Discover the typical workflow here.

EasyPhi logoEasyPhi project

The EasyPhi project is a scientific instrumentation development project based on OpenHardware created by CERN. This development is currently a Franco-Swiss project, financed by European funds in order to bring this concept out of laboratories, to start an experimental development phase and to initiate its marketing.

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