About us

PLS Fluid Dynamics is a team of four engineers.

Pierre-Louis SCHMITT - Founder and Director

I graduated as an engineer from a joint master Arts&Métiers and Paris VI La Sorbonne, in Fluids Mechanics and Energy. From September 2007 to April 2011, I worked as a research assistant at the CMEFE laboratory in Geneva. During this period I participated in many applied research projects both experimental and numerical for private and public partners. Willing to go further more in research and to maintain a professional activity close to Fluid Mechanics, I foundated PLS Fluid Dynamics in 2011.

Pierre MUNIER - Mechanical Engineer

Graduate with a master's degree of Science in Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, specialized in Fluid Mechanics and Energetics, I worked as research assistant at the CMEFE (Geneva, Switzerland), from 2009 to 2014. Specialised in aero/hydrodynamics measurements as a result of multiple collaborations within experimental projects, I worked six months in the helicopter division of D.L.R. in Göttingen (Germany) where I provided a quality service in order to develop optical measurements technics in wind tunnel. I have joined P.L.S. Fluid Dynamics in September 2014.

Alexandre BENEDETTI - CFD Engineer

Graduate with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from INSA Lyon in 2011, I worked two years as a process engineer in the aeronatuics industry. I decided to deepen my understanding of Fluid Mechanics by obtaining a master's degree in Fluid Mechanics from Paris VI La Sorbonne. After my last internship spent on studying snowguns jets, I joined P.L.S. Fluid Dynamics in April 2015.

Lucie CASTAGNE - CFD Engineer

I am an ENSIAME (INSA group) engineer in Mechanical Energetics and Fluid Mechanics. After my intership in University of Birmingham (UK) in the railways research centre and my last intership at ANSYS, Inc. (USA), I joined P.L.S. Fluid Dynamics in November 2015.